Fallen Comrades

56-0528 - Rivet Victor I: On 2 September 1958, C-130A-II 56-0528, while on a routine sortie over eastern Turkey, was shot down by Soviet MiG-17 fighter aircraft after it strayed off course into Armenia.  All seventeen crewmembers on board were killed.  A replica of this aircraft has been placed on permanent display at the National Vigilance Park outside NSA, Ft. Meade, Maryland.

59-1465 - KC-135R Rivet Stand: Crashed on 17 July 1967 immediately following take off on a training flight from Offutt AFB, Nebraska, killing one crewmember. 

59-1491- RC-135S Rivet Ball: Crashed on 13 January 1969 while attempting to land at Shemya AFB, Alaska in extremely bad  weather.  Equipped with J-57 turbojet engines, the aircraft lacked thrust reversers and was unable to stop on the icy runway, causing it to slide  off the runway and down a steep embankment.  There were no fatalities.

62-4137 - RC-135E Rivet Amber: Disappeared on 5 June 1969 over the Bering Sea while returning from Shemya to Eielson AFB, Alaska.  No trace of the   airplane or the 19 crew members aboard has ever been found.  Wide speculation over reasons for the disappearance ensued, but the most   plausible explanation is that aircraft likely broke up in flight due to aerodynamic stresses to the highly-altered fuselage.  Two brief            transmissions received from the airplane during its last moments reporting unusual vibration tend to support this theory. (Read More)

61-2664 - RC-135S Cobra Ball II: Crashed on 15 March 1981 while attempting to land at Shemya AFB, Alaska in extremely bad weather, killing six  crewmen.  A memorial with the aircraft's serial number plate was made and erected at Shemya in honor of the crew. 

55-3121 - RC-135T RC Trainer: Crashed on 25 February 1985 into a mountain near Valdez, Alaska following a missed approach in poor weather. All  three crewmembers perished. Despite intensive search efforts (including search flights by Lockheed SR-71As)  the wreckage was not located  until 2 August 1985.